Current challenges

The digital revolution impact employees at the same rate and magnitude as it affects clients, which lead for a different set of employee expectations.

  • Employees in particular but not limited to millennials expect to be able to work in a digital environment using the same or better technology than the one they use in their personal life
  • The organisational and extended workforce are looking for work patterns and business activities that can fit better to their expectations working with the with their managers and teams and not for them creating value and impact rather than transacting activities.
  • While organisations invest heavily in solutions that provide multiple interaction channels and digital technologies for their client, cannot expect their workforce to work in a dated technology and complicated businesses processes.
  • As new roles and business functions being created, while other roles become obsolete, employees seek security in well defined career pathways which support both vertical and horizontal progression.
  • New technologies like bots and automation become more affordable in order to demonstrate value the role of HR and L&D need to shift from mainly transactional to more commercially and strategically oriented 

Our approach

We partner and support organisations to become successful with their initiatives to develop and improve their “digital inside “ capabilities in the following areas

  • Design and implementation of digital technologies and workflow for simplified and improved talent acquisition and recruitment business processes
  • Design and develop new employee value proposition (EVP) to attract and retain the best talent in particular the ‘critical workforce’, including career pathways, branding, rumination and recognition. 
  • Developing internal digital capability which may include development of new competencies, introducing agile and lean business processes, curriculum design and L&D programmes. 
  • Design, development and implementation of digital talent performance & development projects including digital technologies.
  • We partner mainly with specific commercially oriented business areas and work  in conjunction with HR or as a separate service provider.

Outcomes & Value

As a result of partnering with us our clients feedback that they

  • Achieved better workforce retention rates within 3 months of engaging with us
  • Recorded an average of 30% reduction per head learning , training and development cost  used to spend for internal, external and extended workforce, before working with us
  • Managed to implement a quicker and cheaper training design and delivery projects and services 
  • Successfully published a clear and straightforward career development pathway and succession plans which were greatly welcomed by senior and mid level leadership.
  • Identified and created new cross-functional teams that work in collaboration and provide better commercial outcomes 
  • Managed to improve levels of workforce and leadership engagement using new digital channels and reduced the need for dated surveys