Current challenges

With the rapid increase in technology change frequency and reduction in barriers of  customer accessibility and awareness to new services and products, organizations now required to design and adopt new business and operating models to stay competitive.

The frequency of change is increasing all the time, and the level of distruptive technologies and business models is at all time high, which requires organisations  to quickly explore and implement commercial innovation, in constant iterations in order to achieve growth.

Our approach

We partner with organisations and their senior leadership to explore, design and implement new business strategies while also shaping new operating models and transformation journies.

Our digital strategy advisory and consultancy services include:

  • Assessment of the current business model, and exploration of business opportunities in current and new markets
  • Impact assessment of market trends and customer behavior, on the orgnisation operating model  and design of changes or new operating model utilising simplification and customer centric approach.
  • Exploring opportunities for short and mid term commercial uplift  by utilising digital technology and related trends such as crowdsourcing and “ gig economy “.
  • Design and implementation, commercial excellence initiatives  supported by operational change  enabling better execution and alignment to the organisational strategy

Outcomes & Value

As a result of working with us our clients feedback that they

  • Have  improved their commercial performances in the business areas where they became more customer focused and simplified their operations as a result of the new operating model 
  • Achieve and exceed their strategic  improvement targets  as a result of the new commercial excellence programme supported by digital technology and ways of working
  • Managed to demonstrate organisational agility and resilience fighting was was defined in the past as "change fatigue", which helped them face multiple challenges in market and gain cultural ability to handle a dynamic ecosystem with constant change