Current challenges

  • With more digital technologies in the workplace and increasing frequency of changes, organisations need to adopt or develop new internal capability to introduce and implement rapid and constant changes.
  • Traditional change management methods are not suitable for the modern digital organisation which is the main reason most large change programmes are not achieving  leadership expectations and commercial benefits and targets.
  • Digital change management relay on key principles (see our infographics) that include small and frequent change iterations focused on activities and habit formation rather than communication and learning, intensive usage of the omni channel approach based on digital technologies and audience focused design.

Our Service

We partner with our clients in their design and implementation journeys providing advisory, consultancy and project leadership that include :

  • Support to senior leadership in managing the culture change journey using the latest insights from research in behavioral sciences and neuroscience
  • Selection, implementation and accelerated adoption of new digital technologies, as well as setting organisational approach and IT policies related to digital organisation
  • Design and execution of the change journey covering engagement, behavior change by gamification, measurement and tracking of  success indicators
  • Design and management of business process and technology onboarding and adoption

Outcomes & Value

By working with us, our clients have managed to:

  • Dramatically reduce change program's costs by 30% to 50%.
  • Reduce project duration from a minimum of 12 months with an incremental scale up to an average of 6 months on board to BAU covering all target populations globally.
  • Developed internal capability to support new accelerated change projects