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We support leaders to successfully navigate their organisation throughout the digital transformation journey, from designing the strategy to successfully execute the change covering people, process and technology.

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About Us

Syncpartners LTD provides digital transformation & change management advisory, consultancy and project management services

Syncpartners was established in 2009, with a mission to help organisations of all sectors, industries and sizes to improve their commercial performances, by reshaping thier strategy, operating model, talent, technology and client interactions.

Today across all industries the organisational Ecosystem and market are going through constant change with increasing frequency. In order for organizations to be successful today and into the future, they require to design and adopt new business models, constantly be able to change organisational structures and processes that enable growth while still produce and sell services and products and responding to customer needs.

A key success factor for organizations today is the ability to become more digital utilising more agile and lean ways of working, supported by digital technologies and most importantly internal capability, while other consultancies mainly focus on technology or digital customer experience, we at SyncPartners partner with organisations across sectors and industries to support senior leadership and transformational programmes to explore, shape, and implement internal digital capabilities.

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Our public and in-house workshops

Gamification design

£350 - 550 pp
Build a gamification mobile app
  • Learn a structured gamification design approach
  • Work independently or as part of a team to develop a small gamification campaign
  • Develop, test and deploy your deign into a mobile application

Team building workshop

£600 pp
Suitable for new teams of up to 12 people
  • Full day workshop
  • Game based team challenges
  • Action based and reflective learning
  • Learn how to work effectively as a high performing team
  • Suitable for virtual or hybrid teams

First time managers workshop

£650 pp
Great for new team leaders or line managers
  • One day workshop, available as public or "in house" workshop.
  • A computer game based scenarios for communication, making decisions and leading under pressure.
  • Learn | Experiment | Reflect action learning method
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